Jun 17, 2017

Letter to my cat


Dear Cat,

Today, a few hours after coming home from Angell Memorial without you, I felt something brush against my ankle while I was in the kitchen and, without looking down, I assumed it was you. I began to speak to you but as soon as I made a noise, I realized I was alone and you were not here anymore. It was a hair of mine, clinging to my leg. A deep pain bloomed out from my chest and swallowed me, and I was breathless, standing in my kitchen, where it felt like suddenly everything around me was dead and I was in some alternate universe, that I could leave and go back home where my cat would be waiting for me, to share a few bites of my food.

The world was a better place when you were in it. Thank you for being part of our lives for fourteen years. We have to figure out how to exist without you now.

Love, Parisa

The last picture I took of her, at the vet's