Nov 9, 2016

This Presidential Election

What have we learned? That this country is not a democracy.
It should not have been possible for the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia to scrap the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in Shelby County v. Holder (2013), allowing mass voter suppression this election year across areas that the Republican Party called "disproportionately black" and "disproportionately democratic." As if those people are not actually part of the US, not actually citizens and aren’t supposed to vote anyway.
It would not have been possible for Texas to close down 403 polling sites, for Louisiana to close down 103, Alabama 66, and for Arizona to cut 70% of polling sites, from 200 to 60. It should not have been possible for the GOP to cut early voting and Sunday voting in Republican controlled states like North Carolina and Ohio. This election was carefully planned by GOP activists, so much so that they didn't have to worry about who Trump is and his blatant flaws. If this country were a democracy, the popular vote would count and voting as an institution would be as easy to participate in as the Fourth of July.
Unfortunately, this country is not a democracy and Trump is not a person, he is a puppet. The same forces that are actively trying to suppress our rights, trying to control the way we speak and think about government have more visible power now than they ever did before. If you are against “big government” but voted for Trump then you are one of millions of hoodwinked individuals across this country. Please continue to pay attention and participate in this nation. Now we really are going to have to fight against a government that is NOT for its people, by its people, but actively plans and plots to suppress its people through laws and legislation that infringe on our constitutional rights.  Not more freedom, less freedom, less rights, less active participation by citizens. I don’t blame the people who voted for Trump - whether they know it or not they are now Trump’s biggest opposition and are now directly tied to his future actions. Most of the country did not vote for him, and he knows this.
I blame each and every one of you who chose not to vote, because you did exactly what the system wanted you to, you gave up any active participation in this government voluntarily, without fighting for your rights. You’re the best! You’re their ideal voter – the one who doesn’t vote!  You bought into the lies that one candidate was equal to another and that because the Earth will keep rotating around the Sun, it doesn’t matter anyway. I hate you. I hate you and I am watching you. Don’t un-friend me, I will know who you are. Just know that because you did nothing, will continue to do nothing and aim to do nothing, you actively participate in the suppression of yourself and others. There is no such thing as a bystander, there is no way to withdraw from the current events of this nation. There is no excuse for being uninformed, for not thinking critically, for being selfish and self-centered. Your existence guarantees your participation in some way, shape or form, whether you control the way it is used or not.  You have contributed to the election of a criminal, a known criminal, who is going to put other criminals in power. I hate you, but I am still proud to be an American and proud of my country. I am still grateful to live in a place where a tacky orange man with fake hair can make the highest office of this land into a joke and I am proud to live in a place where sexism still exists so that I can stand up to it.